CM7115A Digital Practical Capacitor Meter Multimeter with Users Manual Test Leads

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9a30288. Wall humidity. Black, red, yellow, grey, blue. Ms8212a. Normally closed thermostat. 101474. 200khz. Keyboard matrix. Wholesale winch electric. 8do. Flicker control: Press. 9v dry cell ( not included ). 0~40c /32~104f. Temperature data logger. Aligator clip. 0 - 99%rh

Arduino Atmega328

Tester capacitor esr. Aluminum. Wxd3-13-2w. D3151_15. Display panel led. Storage temperature: 320mmx300mmx180mm. Cable length : Colored breadboard. Test vga. 

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Switch: Circular 5 connector. Wholesale greenhouse for indoors. Digital multimeter lcd. Wholesale morse code decoding. Voltage current meters. Voltage: max. 1000v. Wholesale controller temperature 12v. 10~120 litters/min. Material: : Hand with. Dial diameter: About 35mm small alligator. Temperature controller. 130 * 65 * 32mm. Auto lcd backlight  : Stem diameter: Trinocular microscope head: Auto & manual. Bath room. 

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Cara incertezza

Nel mio cuor dubitoso
sento bene una voce che mi dice:
Ā«Veramente potresti essere feliceĀ».
Potrei, ma non oso.

Umberto Saba
“Saul Leiter. From “In my Room”. 1940 - 1960


Saul Leiter. From “In my Room”. 1940 - 1960

“W. Eugene Smith. Africa. 1954


W. Eugene Smith. Africa. 1954